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LINK: Adventurer Conqueror King & Non Vancian Magic

The Vancian magic system has been much maligned over the years. What would you replace it with? Vancian Magic is seen by many to be one of the hallmarks of D&D style gaming. It is of course only one way of many to do RPG magic, and in point of fact many later editions of D&D […]

Yoon-Suin is released on PDF (from the Monsters and Manuals Blog)

From Monsters and Manuals: Yoon-Suin is a campaign toolbox for fantasy games, giving you the equipment necessary to run a sandbox campaign in your own Yoon-Suin – a region of high adventure shrouded in ancient mysteries, opium smoke, great luxury and opulent cruelty. Buying it for sure. Read more

Creighton Broadhurst: What Old School Means to Me

There’s been a lot of thought and discussion in recent years about the Old School style of game play. For me, this is best embodied by 1st and 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons . I’m a huge fan of the Old School style of play, but I love the […] Click here to view original […]