Neural Networks of Carcosa – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone Something I did for fun over the weekend:Found a workbook for easily creating a text-generating neural network: a plaintext dump of the hex contents from LotFP’s Carcosa.Massaged the text to make it a little better for neural network processing (make everything lowercase, remove punctuation, remove numbers, etc.)Trained the neural […]

Quick Critical Hit and Fumble Die Drop Table – Wrath of Zombie

New Post from Wrath of Zombie I love the critical hits and fumbles mechanics in Dungeon Crawl Classics.  It keeps criticals and fumbles exciting and fresh throughout a campaign!  Combat can get bogged down with constantly referencing the book or notes, however.   As I look at what I want to incorporate in my DIY system, […]

I’ve Got That Zelda Feeling, Whoa oh oh Yeah… – Wrath of Zombie

New Post from Wrath of Zombie Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games I’ve played in a decade, if not ever.  The game rewards exploration and experimentation with weapons, abilities, items, etc. that I haven’t really seen in another game.   Anyways, I could gush on the game all day- […]