Dueling Rules for Into the Odd – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone EDIT Re-written and re-posted to remove endorsements of unworthy people.EDIT 2 I had a chance to use these rules in a recent game. They really worked! Clever selection of actions allowed one of my players to defeat an opponent who — stat-wise — absolutely out-ranked him. The amounts selected for the […]

I Stand with Mandy. – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils If you haven’t yet, please read these much better accounts written by more relevant figures. Nothing I can say will be as valuable as what they’ve said. Mandy Vivka Stacy Patrick Scrap Princess Scrap Princess 2 Mable Fiona Kiel Kirin I don’t have a unique perspective. I don’t have […]

– Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Feel better sooner, Mandy.Goodbye, ZS…. Read more here