Life and Death in a Mode of Play (Quick Fighter Showerthoughts) – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The thing is that if you look at D&D as a game that’s about fighting then I don’t particularly agree with you but it makes sense a bit why you have a dim view of the standard fighter and cleric. One comes without any obvious extras and the other just […]

New Class: The Beekeeper – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils Honeyed heroes. Wardens of the hives. Masked protectors of our buzzing pals. Beekeepers use a d8 hit die. They gain experience and roll saving throws as a Thief or Specialist would. Beekeepers begin play with a special type of heavy gambeson, complete with gloves, boots, and mask. When not […]

Jeff’s Questions for Old Shadow – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red What is the deal with my cleric’s religion? You probably practice one of the five major real-world religions, but you could also be in a small mystery cult devoted to one of the pantheons of antiquity or in the service of some alien power.Where can we go to buy standard […]