No good words – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone I believe Mandy. I believe Jennifer. I believe Hannah. I believe Vivka. The manipulation, abuse, and pain they describe are unacceptable to me. I informed my players that our current campaign is immediately at an end. There was unanimous agreement.May Mandy, Jennifer, Hannah, Vivka and any other victims be surrounded by […]

– Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red I don’t keep up with game shit any more really. I was going to try to write something about having watched Velvet Buzzsaw and Until The Light Takes Us too close together and it gave me the delusion of having a point. I wrote thousands of empty words and deleted […]

Quick Encumbrance One – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Two-handed items or very heavy items can count as 2, and up to 1000 coins counts as 1 and so forth. DM’s discretion. You can carry a weight of “coins” equal to your Constitution x1000. Whenever you want to carry something after you reach this limit you have to do […]