A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 9: Ballroom Blitz – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone More bare minimum note taking. Prep Time Quickly drawn and populated map for the Interior area where the Loach is being held captive. Consulted hex contents in the HexPop! notebook for ideas. Players Gor Orben – Amazon, “She is Gor” Borus Bleeve – Borus the one-handed. Borus the hand collector. Borus of the two […]

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 7: Blood sewers are the worst sewers – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone Falling behind on these campaign logs again. A couple sessions behind at this point, so probably a couple rapid posts of these before the events all leave my head. Prep Time The biggest bit of prep was my autogenerated campaign notebook. This was the first session after I got it delivered, […]

Discovering Dungeon Moon: Base Camp – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils The surface of Dungeon Moon is divided into six mile hexes. This is a literally true thing in the world of the game. Characters can travel to the little 3 foot walls which divide each hex from its neighbor. Unlike a natural planetary body with a gradually curved surface, […]