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Tossers – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!So Tossers are also called Hucksters, Fastballers, Throwmeos, and Motherchuckers. And they are in all respects FIGHTERS with one step better HD than normal in your game. In all other respects they are Fighters.EXCEPTThey are proficient with no conventional weapons. They are proficient exclusively in found, […]

The Pokemon Sword (and Sword) – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red First let’s break enemies down into 14 types a la Pokemon. This will be at least as sensible and at least as arbitrary as the way D&D currently does things.Dude- Dude Types are women and men who can blend in with 90% of the population but could really bring anything […]

The Man In The Way – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Impossibly tall does not mean that he disappears into the clouds like the peak of a mountain. It means that the man you see in the doorway is taller than a man can be. By far. Taller than a man should be? I mean I don’t make those kind of […]

Monster Manual of Corduroy Realism – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Demons- Not distinguished from daemons or devils or whatnot. Can be applied to “evil god” or “evil angel.” One religion’s avenger is another religion’s abuser, all that jazz. Sometimes in the flesh, often appearing through proxy vessels. Dealing with them always requires faith and hate.The Devil- I like to think […]

Some Notes On Spirits – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red There are lots of different kinds of spirits but we’ll get our first abstraction underway and say: there are minor spirits, named spirits, and free spirits. Free spirit should be synonymous with demon but not with from-hell. In Princess Mononoke terms these’d be the head-rattler kodama, something big like wolf-mom, […]

Life and Death in a Mode of Play (Quick Fighter Showerthoughts) – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The thing is that if you look at D&D as a game that’s about fighting then I don’t particularly agree with you but it makes sense a bit why you have a dim view of the standard fighter and cleric. One comes without any obvious extras and the other just […]

Jeff’s Questions for Old Shadow – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red What is the deal with my cleric’s religion? You probably practice one of the five major real-world religions, but you could also be in a small mystery cult devoted to one of the pantheons of antiquity or in the service of some alien power.Where can we go to buy standard […]

Request Line: Doomseer – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red M-and-DApril 22, 2019 at 11:33 AMDoom Slayer class. Rip and Tear the forces of hell So am I right that this is just the space marine from Doom? Because that’s what Google thinks. That’s just a Fighter or maybe a Paladin with a different equipment list though, I think. It’s […]

Hope Rules – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red I have been known to fuck with Honor and take different stabs at Sanity and I have messed around with Luck and more modern dillies like Advantage/Inspiration. I think I can make all that one thing, maybe touching on combat morale, that fits with my whole darkness-only vibe I love […]

Hey Y’all My Dog’s Dyin. – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Going to be an interruption of normal service here for a while. Hell of a New Reader Drive I know but I’m never going to put my gamey goofs ahead of what my wife needs. And really what I need. More than I’m ready for.When I put something up again […]