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New Post from Basic Red I don’t keep up with game shit any more really. I was going to try to write something about having watched Velvet Buzzsaw and Until The Light Takes Us too close together and it gave me the delusion of having a point. I wrote thousands of empty words and deleted […]

Quick Encumbrance One – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Two-handed items or very heavy items can count as 2, and up to 1000 coins counts as 1 and so forth. DM’s discretion. You can carry a weight of “coins” equal to your Constitution x1000. Whenever you want to carry something after you reach this limit you have to do […]

I Was Working In The Lab Late One Knight – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The aim: go through a bunch of monster lists, picking no more than 5 monsters from each list but being free to pick none, and keep doing so until I have a list of 100 monsters. Make that the “monster manual” for any future dndish game I run unless I’m […]

XXR Micro Edition – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Dwarf PioneerThief/Specialist ScoutHalfling HunterYou can gain the benefits of a laborer (+1 to Strength or Constitution), a scholar (+1 to Intelligence or Wisdom), or a rascal (+1 to Charisma or Dexterity). You can pick a job and gain the social benefits and pay from that job for as long as […]

Green Room Pregens – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Randomly generated using the previous post alone, these are relatively accomplished characters but hardly on par with Marvel Super-Heroes, you know? That doesn’t mean they can’t get up to some stuff. I just charged 10pts for every Talent, if that ever ends up breaking a game I’ll let you know. […]

Green Room Powers Table – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Remember you start with 50 pts. to fill out your FASERIP but you can backfill that with whatever First, determine whence your powers are borne.Body Armor – like Iron Man or even Hawkgirl a littlePower Focus – like a Green Lantern ring or the Nega-BandsImplant – often cybernetic but a […]

REVIEW: Optogram, by Ramona Romano – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red In my own experiments with the multi-phasic multi-table adventure I come inexorably back to the definitive Jade series cam-pak release and the definitive release for this particular genre, Optogram by Ramona Romano. Ramona’s constipated oils and Hidetora flourishes lend an overtly oppressive air to what is a quintessential table-top experience […]

MARDUK – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red D&D Marduk is dumb. He’s barely mentioned in anything I’ve ever seen and if he does show up he’s just a lame god of goodness and like rivers flooding the wheat for a good crop. Compare to Marduk’s old foe Tiamat who got probably the best result from Gary’s synonym […]

Help Wanted – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red I’m mostly cleaning up old unposted articles or things I never put up on the site right now. I don’t know if I have it in me any more to do any of this. If I’m frank it feels a little pointless and flailing but it’s the only thing I […]