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Hey Y’all My Dog’s Dyin. – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Going to be an interruption of normal service here for a while. Hell of a New Reader Drive I know but I’m never going to put my gamey goofs ahead of what my wife needs. And really what I need. More than I’m ready for.When I put something up again […]

New Reader Drive – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Right now I have six “DUNGEON MIX” articles on the site. By the end of the year I want to make that TEN.Right now I have 18 Adder Entertainment articles. By the end of the year I want to make that TWENTY-FIVE.Right now I have only six reviews of OSR-And-Adjacent […]

Evolutionists- I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red If you have clerics then use those numbers. If you have druids even better, use those numbers and use these guys instead. You can’t use weapons and armor. You have three abilities.I Choose YouYou can transform any animal with less than 1HD into a humanoid who acts/saves as a Fighter […]

Six Paper Mario Spells – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Duration is 1 exploration Turn. 2D Shape – You can turn two-dimensional, capable of slipping through cracks of less then a millimeter wide or slide under most doors. You maintain your class features and ability scores but you cannot physically attack, though you can surprise enemies on a 3/6. While […]

The Lionfish Dungeon – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red My wife made this.We’re all familiar with invasive species. Those creatures transported to a new habitat who lack any natural predators or deterrents, often coming equipped with big appetites. We know about them from bugs, for example the Stink Bug, currently found in 44/50 states accidentally brought over from Asia. […]

Choose-Your-Own-Houserule Fighters – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Balance is for playground equipmentSome of these rules are from other games, some are from other bloggers….I’d like to credit these but I don’t usually keep track, frankly. Please tag yourself or the original author if I miss a citation. Fighters can use any armor, any weapons, and they usually […]

Rumor Hasn’t – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red You are preparing to go to Duck Dungeon? Why is it called Duck Dungeon? Well, rumor has it…You are preparing to go to Duck Dungeon. Here are (1d6) three rumors about Duck Dungeon: there is a secret passage behind the Big Duck; Duck Dungeon can only be found when the […]

PSA- Help Josie X Please – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red METAL vs SKIN is one of the best blogs from the whole scene. I’m not arguing with you about this. Josie is someone who I’ve had the honor of playing with exactly once, and she let me be an army deer in Adventure Time. But I don’t care about content […]

Surf Rockers – Why Stop At Bards? – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red I think Mel Taylor’s the one who looks like he’s from Lazy Town.HD, Advance, Saves, Attack, etc as a Cleric. No spells, no turn undead. No weapons or armor but your instruments can double as clubs. You can wear any cosmetic magic item or play magic instruments.Shoot The CurlIf you […]

Creating Basic Red Classes + 5 Examples – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red I’m both guilty of and exhausted by normal D&D class bloat. I feel like all too often a new class is just an existing class with bits on. Next thing you know we’re adding feats and then traits as a distinct function from feats and where does it end? But […]