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Lost Sci-Fi Items – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp I was sorting through my files and found this list of random sci-fi items. I have no idea why I wrote them.  … Read more here

The Damage is Done – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp So like an idiot I got a full-time waste services job (which is actually great) so I’ve been doing more bin crawls than dungeon crawls lately. If you don’t like it pay me. Justin Hamilton commented on Death & Dismemberment that he doesn’t like the idea of attacks causing wounds […]

The Yellow City – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp YELLOW QUEEN Equal parts mystic folklore and flesh, ruler of the Yellow City, smooth-limbed and whisper-voiced, a creamy advanced jaundice complexion and a face hidden behind a brocaded veil to be disposed of on her next wedding night. Summoned by sects and cults to offer her a new groom that […]

SISSYQUEST2K18 – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp Fiona ran STEAL THE EYES OF YASHOGGHUH again at GenCon and (at least as someone that didn’t go) it was the most entertaining thing about GenCon aside from her documentating her search for a temp sissy. I don’t have a play report, but I┬ádo have screenshots of her google+ updates, […]


New Post from Last Gasp Emmy Allen just put up a great post over at Cavegirl’s Game Stuff about wounds/not automatically dying at 0HP, you should read it.On a tangent, last year I found time to start thinking about D&D again, and I found that after such a long time without playing at all it […]

Close Encounters with Humankind – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp If it’s not clear yet, I’ve been raiding some unfinished tables (and by ‘tables’ I mean the giant spreadsheets I start putting together like “oh I should make a wilderness travel table… okay so I’ll need a table of human encounters and a table of creature encounters and a table […]

Lost Boys – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp In showing a friend some character sheets I realised that I had a couple that I never posted, so here we go: The Glitterchild Monstrosity The first illustrated character sheet I ever made, for a mutagenic Jeremy Duncan game that never actually happened. Barnaby Barrachus From a couple of sessions […]

Did I Play An RPG Right? – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp Firstly, I’m going to navel-gaze for a bit:   Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine started life as an experiment in formatting my own prep notes (impression of the general area -> sensory/atmospheric information in BIG OBVIOUS TYPE -> everything else), which worked out great in my own game so […]