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Close Encounters with Humankind – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp If it’s not clear yet, I’ve been raiding some unfinished tables (and by ‘tables’ I mean the giant spreadsheets I start putting together like “oh I should make a wilderness travel table… okay so I’ll need a table of human encounters and a table of creature encounters and a table […]

Lost Boys – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp In showing a friend some character sheets I realised that I had a couple that I never posted, so here we go: The Glitterchild Monstrosity The first illustrated character sheet I ever made, for a mutagenic Jeremy Duncan game that never actually happened. Barnaby Barrachus From a couple of sessions […]

Did I Play An RPG Right? – Last Gasp

New Post from Last Gasp Firstly, I’m going to navel-gaze for a bit:   Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine started life as an experiment in formatting my own prep notes (impression of the general area -> sensory/atmospheric information in BIG OBVIOUS TYPE -> everything else), which worked out great in my own game so […]