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From the Frugal GM, a Review: Temple of Qultar

Review of some maps from the Frugal GM. Today I was gifted a free download of The Temple of Qultar from Chubby Monster’s Matt Jackson.  Right off I have a couple of admissions. 1st, I consider Matt a "friend" ( even though we’ve never met ) and 2nd, generally speaking, if you send me something […]

Review: Mutant Year Zero on Stargazer’s World

Haven’t read it yet myself, but I’m defintitely into the Mutant Wasteland vibe. Totally working on a heavy metal setting inspired by the mayhem of these “B” movies and stuff like Brutal Legend. Mutant Year Zero is one of the games that took me completely by surprise. I faintly remember that I read that Modiphius […]

4 Overlooked Classic TSR Modules You Should Run

Great article found over on Creighton Broadhurst’s blog. As gamers we have a great shared history of classic adventures. Everyone’s heard of the Temple of Elemental Evil and the Keep on the Borderlands. (In fact, it is thought Keep on the Borderlands may be the most played adventure of all time). However, TSR released hundreds […]

Mini Review – Far Away Land (“Adventure Time” Styled Fantasy heartbreaker)

There are some episodes of Adventure Time that feel more like DnD to me than anything, including some of the Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks I have. Does that make sense? Anyways, an Adventure Time RPG makes so much sense. This article seems to suggest that they’ve nailed it. Sometimes when you check out the most […]

No Salvation for Witches Review

No Salvation for Witches is the newest supplement from Finland based Old School Revival RPG publisher Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It was recently the focus of a successful Indiegogo campaign with a rather novel concept, a pay what you want hardcover edition. I backed the Indiegogo campaign and thus have had a chance to […]