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From the Frugal GM, a Review: Temple of Qultar

Review of some maps from the Frugal GM. Today I was gifted a free download of The Temple of Qultar from Chubby Monster’s Matt Jackson.  Right off I have a couple of admissions. 1st, I consider Matt a "friend" ( even though we’ve never met ) and 2nd, generally speaking, if you send me something […]

On Interesting Treasure, Accomplished

Great article about a dming challenge, making interesting treasure and magical items. I like to do this by making my items weird, dangerous and mysterious, and worth more as a possible nuclear option than as being converted into gold. Or by making it difficult to get a reasonable amount of gold in the average town. […]

How To Gamemaster Like A Fucking Boss, a Kickstarter by Venger Satanis

For everyone else but me, I guess. Cover art by: HELMUTT If you have read Liberation Of The Demon Slayer and The Island Of Purple-Haunted Putrescence you know that both adventures include house-rules and some GM tips from the author,  +Venger Satanis . Now he is putting out a full guide how to GM […]