DM Resources: The Critical Success Podcast

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I’ve been listening to the One Shot podcast for a few months now, but I had not yet had a chance to listen to the companion podcast, Critical Success, until this week, where I listened to all of them. Although generally not overwhelmingly concerned with OSR type games, One Shot is probably the most professional sounding of any of the live play podcasts, and I’ve greatly enjoyed both the Call of Cthulhu episodes and the Feng Shui episodes.

The Critical Success podcast is an excellent resource for the Dungon Master. It sets itself up as an advice podcast and either directly addresses audience questions or elaborates on a topic chosen by the host, James D’Amato.



I particularly enjoyed the episode about performance (doing voice). This is something I have always personally struggled with when running a game. Feeling silly is always a concern, as is a lack of confidence. My voice is desperately monotone, at least as I understand and hear it.

Unless you already consider yourself the perfect Dungeon Master/Game Master/Referee/Discipline Daddy, this podcast is at least worth checking out. There’s probably an episode that can help you out. It’s probably worth at least looking at the episode list.

Visit The Critical Success Podcast page.

Please let me know if you are aware of a resource for Dungeon Masters/whatever, I am trying to build a comprehensive list of Dungeon Master resources. It will be yet another ongoing project for this blog.