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Gnome Stew

I try to highlight the tools and resources that I use to help to design and run campaigns in various systems. One of the resources I come back to time and time again is the Gnome Stew blog.

Gnome Stew is written by a rotating cast of Dungeon Masters and is dedicated to the art of running Role Playing Games. Running games is challenging and actually requires a wide variety of skills. Many GMs, including myself, do not necessarily possess all of those skills. I find it easy to create interesting dungeons and balance the difficulty of combats and monsters, but I am not an actor or improviser, you won’t find me doing voices, and I have trouble creating compelling character moments and long story arcs. I tend to stick to my strength, which is dungeoning and monster design.

However, I’ve recently been inspired to at least try to breath some life into NPCs with voices – usually after a few beers, I’ll be brave enough to mash out a voice or two, and I’ve been secretly practicing my Vincent Price impression after my family goes to sleep in preparation for the next big villain I get a chance to portray.

Gnome Stew


Gnome Stew isn’t really a voice coach – instead, they exist seemingly to help me with my other deficiencies. They have loads of articles on things like table dynamics (I’m fine at letting my players do the stuff they like, keeping things on track, etcetera) and adventure design (all my adventures start in a tavern.)

They also have an array of ebooks for sale. I for sure have read Eureka! 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters and even used it a little – I also recently picked up Odyssey, the Complete Game Masters Guide to Campaign Management, although I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Their site is packed with info, enough to keep you improving your game for years to come.

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