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The Moon Castle Part 3: Slime Castle and Queen’s Castle – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch Part 1Part 24. The Slime CastleThe Moon King needed to kill the merfolk.  They were threatening his shipping lanes.He tricked the king of the merfolk into accepting a gift (or perhaps he snuck it in).  It looked like a pearl, but in fact it was a miniature moon.  And just […]

Moon Castle Part 2: Skeleton Castle and Counterfeit Castle – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch See part 1 here.3. The Skeleton CastleThe city of Gafferdy had a huge necropolis.  Within its crypts, generations of dead were revered, respected, and consulted.  When Gafferdy was destroyed by the Siege Castle, the city’s honored dead strove to protect it.The dead roused too slowly to save the living.  However, […]

The Moon Castle: a Zelda-Inspired Dungeon Campaign – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch I’ve been trying to play through all of the Zelda games.  It’s been a journey.Anyway, there’s something about the simplicity of it all that resonates.  Go to all of the dungeons, collect all of the items, defeat the evil boss in the center of the map.Of course, I still want […]