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The Dustwind and the Zaris Malgunnun – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch I started writing Centerra setting info back in 2010.  One of the first things I wrote were these places: the Dustwind and the Zaris Malgannum.  You can tell its from an early source because ‘Dustwind’ is sort of a stupid name (see also: Underdark).  August 20th, 2010 to be precise.’Zaris […]


New Post from Goblin Punch When the world finds out what you’ve done, Scrap, they’re going to stop inviting you to the yacht parties that the OSR throws every month.  They’re going to cut you off from the Cocaine of the Month Club, too.READ THESE REVELATIONS AND TREMBLE, O UNTIDY FALSITYDevilHeavenly BureaucratSo:Zulin rules the world […]

Elven Revolvers – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch Gunpowder was discovered a long time ago in Centerra.  It just doesn’t work anymore.When they were taming the land and laying straight roads, they were also fighting the fire cults.  They won, as they always do, and the fire gods were sundered.  Some were gelded and boxed.  Some were driven […]