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Quick Encumbrance One – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Two-handed items or very heavy items can count as 2, and up to 1000 coins counts as 1 and so forth. DM’s discretion. You can carry a weight of “coins” equal to your Constitution x1000. Whenever you want to carry something after you reach this limit you have to do […]

DIY RPG Productions Rules Development Notes- Thoughts on Ability Scores and Modifiers – Wrath of Zombie

New Post from Wrath of Zombie AI knew I wanted my system to be easily hackable, OSR-inspired/based, and could handle running D&D (and the like) modules with little change or thought.  In the main book I will be keeping the six stats most of us are all used to: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and […]