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DUNGEON MIX: Slaves of Meteor Fortress – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The slavers of Coulche have become weak and can be driven from polite society with a well-placed dagger. A small team has been instructed by a neighboring ruler to do just that.orYou are abolitionists feared across the Coulche’s borders for the force of your zeal. You have hopes to liberate […]

Converting A Red & Pleasant Land Bestiary to Into the Odd – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone A little while back on the Into the Odd Discord server, I shared out my notes on converting the bestiary from A Red & Pleasant Land for use with Into the Odd or Electric Bastionland. I’ve done a little cleanup since then — a few additional stats, resized to fit on two […]

I’ve Got That Zelda Feeling, Whoa oh oh Yeah… – Wrath of Zombie

New Post from Wrath of Zombie Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games I’ve played in a decade, if not ever.  The game rewards exploration and experimentation with weapons, abilities, items, etc. that I haven’t really seen in another game.   Anyways, I could gush on the game all day- […]