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Discovering Dungeon Moon: Base Camp – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils The surface of Dungeon Moon is divided into six mile hexes. This is a literally true thing in the world of the game. Characters can travel to the little 3 foot walls which divide each hex from its neighbor. Unlike a natural planetary body with a gradually curved surface, […]

Developing a Setting: My Trouble with Dungeon Moon – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils In my experience the success of a campaign is inversely proportional to how much thought I put into the setting before play begins. When I’m gearing up for session 1 of a new game I have two basic priorities: To come up with a central conceit which is wild […]

A Dungeon Faction Generator – The Immersed DM 01 – The Disoriented Ranger

New Post from The Disoriented Ranger What is this madness? Another post this month?! Yeah, that kind of happened. It actually wrote itself after those posts the other day about how rpgs are media and how the DM, too, should get a chance to immerse himself in a scenario before he, in turn, generates an […]

Lists of the Greatest Dungeon and Dragon Adventures

I recently (a few months ago) received an e-mail from the Shop on the Borderlands e-mail list telling me about an article they’d posted called 20 D&D ADVENTURES TO PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE (that you possibly haven’t heard of). It put me in mind of the classic Dungeon magazine article 30 adventures to play before […]