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DUNGEON MIX: Slaves of Meteor Fortress – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The slavers of Coulche have become weak and can be driven from polite society with a well-placed dagger. A small team has been instructed by a neighboring ruler to do just that.orYou are abolitionists feared across the Coulche’s borders for the force of your zeal. You have hopes to liberate […]

THE GROUNDS 33KKK SECRET ROOM. – Castle Triskelion

New Post from Castle Triskelion 33KKK SECRET ROOM. This small room has a peephole into Room 33III. A small table is against the west wall.If the eyes from the peephole are removed, the person will be looking through the devil picture from Room 33III. Room 33KKK is in a similar time anomaly as Room 33JJJ, […]

THE GROUNDS 33S LONG HALL. – Castle Triskelion

New Post from Castle Triskelion 33S LONG HALL. This hall is short on the map, but appears at least 500 feet to a person standing within it. At the east end of the hall, standing at the top of the stairs, is the transparent ghostly figure of a little girl of about eight years. Any […]

THE GROUNDS 33J GALLERY. – Castle Triskelion

New Post from Castle Triskelion 33J GALLERY. This room holds several portraits. Each is labeled:Hugo Hollow: A thin blonde man with a nice smile. His hand rests on a piano.Harlan Hollow: A sullen looking young man with wild black hair.Hew Hollow: A very thin balding man with greyish skin and a creepy smile.Hender Hollow: A […]