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Dinosaurs Fuck Off – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch So settings have a prehistory–the stuff that happened way before the common era.  They’re usually either:(a) tediously enumerated with faux-mythology, or(b) just sort of ignored, and assumed to be the same as Vanilla EarthBoth of them are fine, but there’s a lot of fertile ground between those two fence posts.None […]

Adventuring Gear + Alchemy Items – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch YOU CAN SKIP OVER THE ADVENTURING GEAR SECTION BECAUSE IT’S BORING BUT HERE ARE THE GOOD PARTS: Salt damages oozes and can be used to preserve meat.  Lots of thing can be animated by necromancer PCs because they’re mostly animal products: grease, ink, oil, etc.  High quality mirrors are as […]