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New Post from Castle Triskelion 186 PATHOGEN STORAGE. An unfortunate researcher accidentally infected himself with lycanthropy and the fungoid zombie disease.Werewolf Fungoid Zombie (AC 5; MV 12”; HD 5+4; hp 27; #AT 1; D 2-8; SA Disease; SD Silver or magic weapon to hit, regenerate 1-4 hit points each round; XP 762)This storage facility contains […]

Middle Dungeons Level Four Wandering Monsters – Castle Triskelion

New Post from Castle Triskelion Roll for random encounters using 1d6 once every three turns. On a 1, there is an encounter. Double the odds if the group is making a lot of noise or in similar situations. In addition to the vat creatures that one would expect on this level, several dungeon scavengers are […]

WURMS: A continued DECLARATION against SCRAP PRINCESS, who knows NO DECENCY nor FORMAL DANCES – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch There is a voice crying out in the wilderness, babbling nonsense with locust-stained lips, scratching chaos into the dirt beneath her.  This is SCRAP PRINCESS, who is shunned by the WISE and feared by the BRAVE.  Her writings consist of nothing but NONSENSE and THE EGGS OF GAWPING SERPENTS.  Wise […]