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The Superhero Game – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red Leftover notes from a game I was going to make for some friends. I don’t know that this fully works but it works enough, as well as a lot of those one-page rpgs do at least…..Origin Story: This grounds you in a place and background, and the attendant connections, experiences, […]

Bear in Disguise Class (Revised) – Papers and Pencils

New Post from Papers and Pencils You might be surprised how difficult it can be to divide one’s attention between writing books and writing blogs. I’ve been working hard at bookmaking of late (have you seen my itch store?). I should probably fill you all in on that stuff, but first this place needs some […]

DUNGEON MIX: Slaves of Meteor Fortress – Basic Red

New Post from Basic Red The slavers of Coulche have become weak and can be driven from polite society with a well-placed dagger. A small team has been instructed by a neighboring ruler to do just that.orYou are abolitionists feared across the Coulche’s borders for the force of your zeal. You have hopes to liberate […]


New Post from Castle Triskelion 163 SOUTH LABORATORY. The entrance to the room is a closed metal hatch. The room is divided into three sections divided by glass walls, with a glass door in each wall.In the middle portion, there are fourteen zombies shambling about and in the far portion a human woman is trapped. […]