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A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 13: You get a duel! And you get a duel! – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone Prep time Since I no longer have any sample locations in the book to fall back on and am usually very bad about preparing detailed adventures ahead of time, I’ve been trying to make improvements to my in-game toolkit. Before this session, I’d done a lot of work with the […]

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 7: Blood sewers are the worst sewers – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone Falling behind on these campaign logs again. A couple sessions behind at this point, so probably a couple rapid posts of these before the events all leave my head. Prep Time The biggest bit of prep was my autogenerated campaign notebook. This was the first session after I got it delivered, […]

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 6: Go Team Vampire! – The Scones Alone

New Post from The Scones Alone Work on HexPop! is moving along. More of the UI clicky bits can be clicked. More and more of the necessary input can be inputted. Learning several new technologies at once — Javascript, Electron, React, Redux, Semantic UI — is quite a mind and time drain. But excited and […]

The Moon Castle Part 3: Slime Castle and Queen’s Castle – Goblin Punch

New Post from Goblin Punch Part 1Part 24. The Slime CastleThe Moon King needed to kill the merfolk.  They were threatening his shipping lanes.He tricked the king of the merfolk into accepting a gift (or perhaps he snuck it in).  It looked like a pearl, but in fact it was a miniature moon.  And just […]

THE GROUNDS 25P HOUSE OF CARDS. – Castle Triskelion

New Post from Castle Triskelion 25P HOUSE OF CARDS. This course enters upon a maze made of giant playing cards. The ceiling is about ten feet high and the floor is the typical fake green grass. At the areas marked by letters and cards symbols are the face cards. These will peel themselves off the […]